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It won’t be popular opinion, but people like this are ruining comedy, both live and on TV. Giving up free speech to pander to the easily offended is something that needs to be stopped in this country. If you go to a comedy club, you’re giving up your right to be offended. And you’re definitely giving up your right to speak up or express your opinion. It’s Tosh’s show. If you don’t like it, leave. But don’t make it about you, and don’t heckle the comedian while expecting no repercussions.


This is something that happened to a friend of mine in her own words.

So, on Friday night my friend and I were at her house and wanted to get out and do something for the evening. We brainstormed ideas and she brought up the idea of seeing a show at the Laugh Factory. I’d never been, I thought…

Darkest. Beer. Ever. (Taken with Instagram)

Mmm…beer. (Taken with Instagram)

It’s brew day! #homebrew #beer (Taken with Instagram)

Who knew you could get good #sushi and #hibachi in Wilkes-Barre? (Taken with Instagram)

#craftbeer #philly @phillybeerweek (Taken with instagram)

I got bored of having a dog, so I decided to throw mine out. (Taken with instagram)

Let’s go @red sox! Also, Bard, throw a strike. (Taken with instagram)

Citizens Bank Park with #philly in the background. (Taken with instagram)

Dayna with her my size Funshine Bear I won her. I’m a carnival game legend. (Taken with instagram)